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Birth of Malojiraje Bhosle(1570)
Malojiraje was Shivaji's grand father.

Shivaji's Birth(19-02-1630)
Shivaji Maharaj born on fort shivneri

Shivaji married Saibai Nimbalkar(1640)
Shivaji married Saibai

Shivaji's Visit to banglore(1641)
Shivaji & Jijabai(Shivaji mother) travelled to Banglore to meet Shahaji Bhosle(Shivaji's father) who was deputed as chief of banglore region by Adilshahi

Shivaji returned to Pune(1642)
Shivaji & Jijabai came back to Pune.

Conquest of Torna & Rohida(1646)
Shivaji & his friends from maval took oath of independence in the temple of Rohideshwar, followed by conquest of fort Torna.

Fort kondhana near Pune, conquered(1648)
Dadoji kondadev's son in law conquest the fort by great example of diplomacy.

Purandar taken by Raghunath(1648)
Fort Purandar a very strong fortification near Saswad was conquered by Shivaji & Raghunath Ballal

Muhammed Adilshah died(04-11-1656)
After long illness of 10 years Adilshah died & his son Ali II was enthroned. Badi Begam started managing the kingdom on behalf of Ali

Shivaji took Raigad(6-APR-1656)
After taking Javli, Shivaji turned to fortification called Rairy. He attacked Rairy & captured it. Further name was changed to Raigad. Raigad witnessed the corontion of this Hindu legend later.

Shivaji Captured Javli(15-JAN-1656)
Shivaji captured javli from Chandrarao More. Shivaji had supported More to get throne but later Chandrarao not only broke the promise of helping Shivaji but gave open challenge to Shivaji stating, "The enemy entering Javli has to face a great defeat". Shivaji & his brave officer Raghunath Ballal captured the region by killing More.

Birth of Sambhaji(14-05-1657)
Shivaji's first wife, Saibai gave birth to Sambhaji, shivaji's eldest son. Brave Sambhaji took charge of maratha kingdom after Shivaji's death & faced Mughals with great determination & bravery.

Shivaji took Kalyan & Bhivandi(24-10-1657)
Shivaji entered Kokan, & conquered Mughal dominated places Kalyan & Bhivandi

Shivaji took fort Mahuli(08-01-1658)
Fort Mahuli is situated near Asangaon

First enthronement of Aurangzeb(21-07-1658)
Aurangzeb usurped his father Shahjahan & elder brother Dara & then declared himself as New emperor of Mughal kingdom

Saibai (Shivaji's first wife) passed away(05-09-1659)
Saibai, Shivaji's first wife & mother of Sambhaji passed away on fort Rajgad

Shaiste Khan enters Pune(09-05-1660)
Shaiste Khan was appointed as viceroy of Deccan. He started from Agra, he took Pune & made it his base for deccan. Shaiste Khan occupied Shivaji's Lal Mahal & started staying there.

Kartalab Khan Defeated(03-02-1661)
Shivaji defeated Mughal officer Kartalab Khan's contingent in Umberkhind when Kartalab was trying to enter Kokan region. The attack was so well planed that mughal troops couldn't even realise where the arrows are coming from. Finally, Kartalab accepted defeat & retreated to Pune. He had to left all his artilery, horses & treasures

Shivaji's night attack on Shaiste Khan(05-04-1663)
Shivaji attacked Shaiste Khan with selected troops right into the heart of his camp. Khan was surrounded by around 50,000 contingent still without anybody's realization Shivaji reached Shaiste Khan. Shaiste Khan survived but he lost his 3 fingures of his hand.

Shivaji's first loot of Surat(06-01-1664)
Shivaji looted prosperous trade center of Aurangzeb. This provided Shivaji with huge money to complete his further plans of expansion & strengthening his kingdom.

Shahaji passed away(23-01-1664)
Shahji Raje Bhosle, Shivaji's father passed away at the age of around 70.

Shivaji raids Ahemadnagar(30-07-1664)
Shivaji raided the important city Ahemadnagar which was once capital of Nizams.

Construction of Sindhudurg completed(24-11-1664)
Shivaji had started constructing Sindhudurg on small iseland called 'Kurte' near Malvan.

Mirzaraja Jaisingh enters Pune (03-03-1665)
After attack on Shaistekhan, Aurangzeb sent his one of the best Rajput chieftain Mirzaraja Jaisingh to defeat Shivaji. He started his expedition from Agra & reached Pune.

Dilerkhan begins siege of Purandhar(30-03-1665)
Dilerkhan who had came with Jaisingh, put siege to Purandhar.

Rudramal captured by Dilerkhan(14-04-1665)
Rudramal, which is twin fort of Purandhar was captured by mughal forces fighting under Diler Khan.

Treaty of Purandhar(13-06-1665)
When Shivaji realised that war with Jaisingh will only cause damage to Maratha kingdom & Shivaji's men will suffer heavy losses, he chose to face Jaisingh for treaty instead of leaving his men under Mughal claw. Shivaji had to surrender 23 forts & commit visit to Agra to meet the emperor. Though Shivaji captured everything back after return from Agra.

Shivaji accepts Aurangzeb's farmaan in Jai singh's camp(30-09-1665)
After treaty of Purandhar, Emperor sent Shivaji robe of honour as Sambhaji became 6 thousand mansabdar. Shivaji had to accept the farmaan on behalf of Jai Singh.

Shivaji starts for Agra to meet Aurangzeb(05-03-1666)
As per treaty of Purandhar, it was agreed that Shivaji should visit Agra & remain present in emperor's court. Shivaji started to attend 50th loonar birthday of Aurangzeb with sambhaji.

Shivaji visits Aurangzeb's court(12-05-1666)
Shivaji visited Aurangzeb on the occasion of his birthday. This was the first & last time the maratha king & alamgir met each other. Shivaji was asked to stand with cader of 5000, which he didn't liked & expressed is anger in the court openely.

Shivaji escapes from Agra(19-08-1666)
The event which marked brilliance of planning & finesse in execution by the great maratha king, which left entire mughal empire including alamgir in shock of the life..

Jaisingh dies at Burhanpur(28-08-1667)

Tanaji captures Kondhana(15-02-1670)
Tanaji, brave officer of infantry climbed rock patch of kondhana with his men in the night. Attacked Mughal contingent & captured the fort but looses his life. Shivaji salutes Tanaji's bravery & names kondhana as Sinhgad(Lion fort)

Birth of Rajaram(24-02-1670)
Shivaji's second wife Soyarabai gave birth to Rajaram, Shivaji's second son.

Kalyan captured by Shivaji maharaj(15-03-1670)
1670 was the year of great action. After Kondhana Shivaji maharaj never looked back & captured all the forts & land he had surrendered to Aurangzeb.

Shivaji Maharaj re-captures Purandar(24-03-1670)
Purandar was submitted to Aurangzeb in the treaty of Purandar along with 22 other forts. Shivaji took it back.

Lohgad captured(13-05-1670)
1670 was the year of great action. After Kondhana Shivaji maharaj never looked back & captured all the forts & land he had surrendered to Aurangzeb.

Mahuli fort captured(16-06-1670)
1670 was the year of great action. After Kondhana Shivaji maharaj never looked back & captured all the forts & land he had surrendered to Aurangzeb.

Rohida fort captured(24-06-1670)
1670 was the year of great action. After Kondhana Shivaji maharaj never looked back & captured all the forts & land he had surrendered to Aurangzeb.

Battle of Dindori(17-10-1670)
When maratha forces were on their way back to Rajgad with the loot they collected from Surat, they had a clash at Dindori.

Moropant captures Trimbak(25-10-1670)

Second sack of surat starts(3-10-1670)
For the second time Shivaji maharaj plundered Mughal port & collected huge wealth from Surat.

Shivaji maharaj captured fort Salher(05-01-1671)
Salher is one of the highest & very beautiful fort near Nashik.

Abdullah Qutb Shah Dies(21-04-1672)
QUtb Shah of gowalkonda died & was succeeded by Abul Hasan

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